Sunday, June 10, 2012

Baby Riley's Room Reveal

     Ok, so one week turned into two weeks, but I am FINALLY revealing the baby's room.  Time really does get away from me.  For those of you have not been following since the beginning, this project began in January.  We started with a blank canvas.  This is what the room looked like before.

     We painted the room a pale green and added beadboard wallpaper.....

     If you would like to see how easy it is to install beadboard wallpaper you can review my previous post on the topic here.

     I made pom poms to hang over the crib instead of attaching a standard mobile.  They were super easy to make and incredibly inexpensive.  You can check out the details here

        After many weekends painting, wallpapering, and adding those finishing touches here is baby Riley's room....

    I hope to share with you some fun and easy gardening ideas in my next post! Until next time...     -Molly   

Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

     Hello! I know it has been a really, really, long time since I posted on my blog.  On April 6th our baby girl, Riley, arrived.  Needless to say, I have been a little preoccupied and completely sleep deprived!  But she has been worth every sleepless moment!

     Now it is time to get my decorating juices flowing again.  In honor of Memorial Day, and the unofficial start of summer, I decorated our dining room for the holiday.  The decor should carry nicely through the 4th of July. 

     Since we are unable to escape to the beach this year, I figured I would bring a taste of it home.  I decided on a red, white, and blue, nautical theme.   

     Here is what I came up with....

     I hope you will stop by next week.  I will finally reveal Riley's room!

                                                           Until next time...

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Coat Closet Clean-Up

     Hello everyone!  We had a very rainy weekend and I thought, what better way to spend a dreary day than to tackle a small organizational project.  As much as I admire those homes where the owners have every space perfectly organized, my home is far from it.  We have a very hard time keeping everything in its proper place.

     There is no better example of our disorganization than what is
 behind this closet door....

     This is our foyer coat closet.  It is not very big and is used solely for collecting our shoes and coats when we get home.  However, as you can see, the shoe situation has seriously gotten out of hand.....

     I know....YIKES!  It is pretty funny when you consider the fact that we actually have a shoe rack, yet most of the shoes are strewn about.

     I kept a basket on the top rack with the idea that it could hold winter hats, gloves and scarves.  As you can see, the shelf actually holds a computer bag, some random plastic bags, a baseball cap, and an American flag scarf (don't ask, I have no idea why we have this either).....

     Clearly, this closet needed a makeover so that it could be functional again.  A trip to The Container Store brought the much needed organization that this little closet desired. 

     Awwww much better.  The green container on the top shelf holds handbags and the natural fabric box replaced the basket full of winter accessories.  It has a lid, which not only keeps the space tidier, but helps keep dust off of its contents through the Spring/Summer months. 

     I can definitely breath easier knowing that every time I open this closet I will be able to find my shoes with ease.  Now we just have to make the effort to keep it up.   Were you able to keep the look of your organizational projects, or did you fall back into your old habits? I'd love to hear from you all!


Sunday, March 18, 2012

How to Make Pom Poms

     Some of you have been asking when I am going to post photos of the baby's room.  I promise to have photos up VERY VERY SOON!  Part of the delay has been my search for something special to place over the baby's crib.   I am not a huge fan of the popular plastic mobiles that most baby stores sell.  Rather, I want something eye catching and whimsical, but also budget friendly. 

     So one day, while doing a search on the web, I came across the idea of pom poms.  You know, those fabulous tissue paper flowers we all learned to make in the 80s.  Well, they are back in style and are a very popular decoration at weddings, baby showers, and now nurseries. 

     I love this idea!  Not to mention they are super cheap to make.  '

     Since I am making them for the baby's room, I chose tissue paper in bright pink, pastel pink and white. 

     You will need 8  (20 x 20) or (20 x 26) inch pieces of tissues paper per pom pom, scissors, and 18 inch floral wire.  Lay your tissue paper out flat and begin folding the paper in 1 1/2 inch accordion style folds.  Just like this....

     Next, take a piece of your floral wire and fold it at the half way mark on your folded paper.  Twist the remaining wire to keep it from slipping.  Just like you see here....

     Then trim the edges of your tissue paper with either a rounded or pointed edge.  I chose a round edge as seen here....

      "GENTLY" pull each piece of tissue paper apart and fluff.  The tissue paper is very delicate so go slow or you could easily rip the paper. 

     When you are done it should look something like this....

     So far I have hung three.  I may choose to add a couple more.  Although, sometimes less is more.  I chose to hang the pom poms with clear fishing wire, to give the illusion of being suspended in mid air.

      Looking forward to sharing with you the final room reveal!  Happy Decorating!!!!!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Fever!!!

     Hello everyone...I went M.I.A. there for a bit.  The last couple of weekends have been busy.  My family came into town to throw me an awesome baby shower, and the next weekend was spent celebrating my birthday! All of the partying definitely took me away from my decorating hobby.  I am glad to be back, and ready to tackle more projects.  But first, I need to address a bad case of SPRING FEVER!!! 

     I'm not sure if it is the gorgeous weather we have been having, the time changing this weekend, or a combination of them both, but either way, I can hardly wait for Spring!  I am longing for the days where flowers are starting to bloom and the trees are turning bright green. 

     So with Spring on my mind, I decided to decorate for the season.  I started by hanging a forsythia wreath on my door.  In Maryland, forsythia is always one of the first signs that Spring is here....

     I then headed indoors and began decorating my dining room buffet table.  I found this adorable "SPRING" banner at Target.....

     I added a bunny....

     I added some polka dot ribbon and fun colored straw eggs that I've used in previous years as napkin holders...

     And of course, I had to add some sweet tooth must be satisfied!

     Together, these small touches brought Spring indoors, and without a doubt, brightened my dining room!

          This was just the cure my fever needed...  HAPPY SPRING!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wreath Makeover

     Hello everyone!  I am excited to share with you my latest decorating project.  This idea came to me at the last minute, and only took me a little over an hour to complete.  Time is everything these days :-) 

    Today, I am going to share with you our foyer.  Here is what it looked like this morning before I got cracking on it.....

     As you can see, I still had Christmas decorations up.  I had convinced myself the berries were "Winter" berries, and therefore, could stay up through Valentine's Day.  Ummmm....ok.  Funny, the things we tell ourselves. 

     A change was definitely in order, but I wanted to use items I already had around my home.

     A few weeks ago, I purchased this cute sign from Home Goods.  At the time, I had no specific place in mind for where I would hang it. 

     I also had this wreath, which I purchased last year for spring.

     When I first purchased this wreath I thought it was pretty, but soon realized when I got it home that the purple and fushcia clashed with the rest of my home decor. 

     So....I decided to be daring and cut out all of the dried flowers and replace them with these berries I got from Hobby Lobby.

     I unwrapped one of the berry branches so that there were individual stems to work with.  It looked like this afterwards.

     Next, I got to work on my old wreath and began snipping away...

     What a mess!!!!!

     Once I had a clean palate, I began wrapping the twigs from the berry stems around the wreath.

     I then stuck the berry stems into the wreath.  No glue was needed; I just tucked them in tightly.

     I was happy with how it was turning out, however, it definitely needed something more. A pop of color was in order. 

     Nothing a little bit of cheetah print ribbon could not solve.....

     First, I folded the ribbon in even sections, making sure that there was some left over on each end for the tails.  Second, I tied a thin gold string around the center of my folded ribbon.  Third, I seperated the folded sections, bending and moving each piece until I had the desired result I was looking for.  I left the tails untouched to hang loose. 

     I got my glue gun fired up and placed the ribbon into a bare spot on the wreath.  Here is the final result......

     Now it was time to hang it up in the foyer, along with the sign from Home Goods. 

     Here is what I came up with...

     I love how it came out and even more thrilled that I used items I already had in the house.  I think it was a much needed change.